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At MORRISON Design, we are passionate about creative branding and design and our belief is that your brand is your most valuable business asset. Experience also tells us that effective design is both collaborative and strategic.

We listen and we do our research to produce strong, fresh, inspiring and purposeful design that effectively connects with your target audience, strengthens your values and enables you to a greater purpose.

We have experience in identity design and rebranding, packaging, marketing, illustration, book design, signage and environmental applications.

Take a look through our portfolio of work, request a free quote or consultation or phone Jen Edward Morrison on 0438 602 004 to discuss your project.

Self publishing a book?... We'd love to help!

Professional & Comprehensive Book Design & Illustration Service

We'll take the hassle out of the process by offering you a comprehensive end-to-end service.

Our passion is books, so we speak your language. We can design and typeset the cover and internal pages, create illustrations, infographics, icons and logos, proofread, create an ISBN barcode, show you samples of paper stocks and speciality finishes and manage the printing until the brilliant day arrives and you've got your finished book in your hot little hands.

We are book design specialists with great attention to detail and 20 years of print and design industry experience. We design business books, art and photography books, fiction books, non fiction books, recipe books, children's picture books and baby/toddler board books. We set the bar high and we deliver.

With a lot of care and a head full of creativity, we will lovingly transform your manuscript into a professional hard-cover, soft-cover or e-book that can be sold in stores or online around the world. Whether you are self publishing for the first time, or you have a whole series of books under your belt, we'd love to help make your book outstanding.

You've done it... You're the one who has done the hard work. You've written a brilliant book that you are sure people will love... So go on, give it the professional design it deserves.

Give Jen Morrison a call for a free consultation. PH: 0438 602 004

Children's Book Design

We just LOVE kids books... They are sooo gorgeous and I personally can't think of a better way to spend time than with a little child snuggled in your lap while you lead them into a land of imagination.

If you've written a children's book we would love to design or illustrate it and help you take it to print. 

One of the benefits of self publishing a children's book over getting published with a traditional publishing house is that you have more creative control over the design. We can create original illustrations for you in just about any style you'd like. We'll show you a choice of styles and update you on with the progress with proofs and consultations along the way until you are clicking your heels with joy! The other benefit? You get to keep more of the profits!

But being able to share your very own printed book with your special little people... now that's priceless!

Ready to take the next step?

Give Jen Morrison a call for a free consultation. PH: 0438 602 004

Business Book Design

If you're writing a business book, you know it takes a lot of research, time, energy and passion to get your intellectual property out of your head and into a well organised and clearly written book that will engage and inspire your target market.

Your cover design can be photographic, vector illustration or typographically based and done well, gives an immediate understanding of the books content and purpose.

A well written business book with beautiful, clean and clear design will build your credibility and profile and open doors to new business opportunities.

Ready to take the next step?

Give Jen Morrison a call for a free consultation. PH: 0438 602 004


Need professional design for your upcoming book?
Art or Photography Book, Recipe Book, Fiction or Non Fiction Book Design, We'll help you get from idea to book in your hand.

We have samples of our work in our portfolio.

Give Jen Morrison a call for a free consultation. PH: 0438 602 004

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