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At MORRISON Design, we are passionate about creative branding and design and our belief is that your brand is your most valuable business asset. Experience also tells us that effective design is both collaborative and strategic.

We listen and we do our research to produce strong, fresh, inspiring and purposeful design that effectively connects with your target audience, strengthens your values and enables you to a greater purpose.

We have experience in identity design and rebranding, packaging, marketing, illustration, book design, signage and environmental applications.

Take a look through our portfolio of work, request a free quote or consultation or phone Jen Edward Morrison on 0438 602 004 to discuss your project.

Delivering sustainable design and environmentally friendly printing solutions to Geelong, The Surf Coast, Melbourne, Regional Victoria and Australia.

What is sustainable design?

Sustainable design is about making design choices gentle on the environment, realising the finiteness of our planet's resources and considering the future in how we use them. It's about being responsible care takers of the earth for our children and the generations to come.

Reducing Your Environmental Impact Through Creative Design

  • Sustainable Design is conscious of environmental impact throughout the entire process.
  • Maximum impact with minimal resources through minimalist design by reducing ink and paper consumption.
  • Reducing environmental impact and footprint by choosing digital output where practical.
  • Creative multi-purposing,  e.g. Your business card could also be used for swing tags if you add a hole.
  • Digital proofing to save on paper usage.
  • Choosing an environmentally responsible printer - with certifications.
  • Minimise paper wastage on the press through clever imposition.
  • Developing environmentally sustainable brand guidelines to keep true to your values.
  • Using recycled paper and elemental chlorine free stock choices.
  • Eco friendly aqueous water based varnishes over UV or plastic coatings
  • Eliminating Heavy Metals and other printing pollutants
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Printing locally to reduce transport emissions
  • Make the finished product reusable and/or recyclable and letting the end user know!.
  • Creating customer awareness and inspiring change by promoting your commitment to the environment. When you do this you have the double benefit of earning customer respect and loyalty.

At Morrison Design, we want to stand up and be a part of that shift in thinking and inspire others to make environmentally sustainable and responsible choices. 

For examples of Morrison Design's sustainable design work, please contact Jen Morrison via the Get in Touch page.

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