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outstanding branding

At MORRISON Design, we are passionate about creative branding and design and our belief is that your brand is your most valuable business asset. Experience also tells us that effective design is both collaborative and strategic.

We listen and we do our research to produce strong, fresh, inspiring and purposeful design that effectively connects with your target audience, strengthens your values and enables you to a greater purpose.

We have experience in identity design and rebranding, packaging, marketing, illustration, book design, signage and environmental applications.

Take a look through our portfolio of work, request a free quote or consultation or phone Jen Edward Morrison on 0438 602 004 to discuss your project.

Your brand is your organisation's unique personality. It's more than just a logo. It encapsulates how your customers feel and respond to your business. It's the way you look, sound and present to the world.

 Effective branding sets you up for success

Your logo/brand-mark or visual identity together with your tagline is the strategic foundation that your brand is built on. It's your chance to set the tone and tell your ideal customers why they should love you.

A strong brand sends the right message to the right people and can create an army of loyal devotees. It should be your greatest business asset and can make the difference between surviving and thriving in your market.

Are you ready to make a difference?
Let's make your brand outstanding!

Logo/Brand Mark Design Packages

Wordmark Logo

  • Mini consultation
  • Custom typographic logo design
  • 1-2 design concepts presented
  • 1-2 rounds of editing
  • Horizontal OR stacked format of your final design

Fully Customised Logo Design

  • Brand strategy consultation to define your businesses 'Big Picture'
  • Research on your target market, competitors, inspirations and ideal client profile
  • 3 unique design concepts  presented - all professionally drawn
  • 3 rounds of editing of the chosen design (or elements of more than one combined)
  • Horizontal and stacked formats of your final design
  • Copyright ownership of final design/s
  • Brand Style Guide defining fonts, logo use and brand colour palette.

Professional Edge Responsive Brand Development

  • Comprehensive brand strategy consultation to define your businesses 'Big Picture', the what, why and how you are different. Developing/refining your business personality and tone.
  • Comprehensive research on your target market, competitors, inspirations and ideal client profile
  • Mood board created to define the look you're after before we begin the design phase
  • Tagline development
  • 3-10 original concepts presented - all professionally drawn
  • Unlimited rounds of editing until you are 'click your heels together' ecstatic with your final designs
  • Full brand colour palette developed
  • Professional-edge finishing like hand drawn elements, custom textures and/or hand lettering
  • Horizontal and stacked formats of your final design
  • Logo variations such as a monogram, word-mark and/or stand alone icon
  • Responsive logo design with multiple size formats created to suit responsive web design
  • Custom brand pattern or background design
  • Brand Style Guide in a comprehensive multi-page document
  • Brand elements released in multiple file formats
  • Copyright ownership of all final branding elements
  • Extended support

Business Design and Print Packages

Business Starter

  • Logo design

  • Business card design

Business Essentials

  • Logo design
  • Business card design and printing
  • Social media banner.


Comprehensive Business Collaterals

  • Logo design
  • Business card design and printing
  • Social media banner
  • Professional email footer
  • Your choice of two of the following; letterhead, with comps slip or promotional item design.

Get more details and purchase packages by calling Jen Morrison on 0438 602 004, or go to our contact page.

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