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At MORRISON Design, we are passionate about creative branding and design and our belief is that your brand is your most valuable business asset. Experience also tells us that effective design is both collaborative and strategic.

We listen and we do our research to produce strong, fresh, inspiring and purposeful design that effectively connects with your target audience, strengthens your values and enables you to a greater purpose.

We have experience in identity design and rebranding, packaging, marketing, illustration, book design, signage and environmental applications.

Take a look through our portfolio of work, request a free quote or consultation or phone Jen Edward Morrison on 0438 602 004 to discuss your project.

The Custom Logo Design Process

  1. Choose a Logo Design Package to suit your needs and budget (in the Logo Design and Branding page).
    You can purchase it by calling  me on 0438 602 004.

  2. Complete the Questionnaire
    You will be emailed a questionnaire to define  your business, what makes it unique and who your ideal client is.
    If you need help with this you can give me a call and I'll be happy to help :)

  3. Questionnaire Review
    I will go through your answers to establish the 'Big Picture' of your business.. This is where we will either meet face to face, have a phone conversation or a video call to clarify the details before I begin. I will then email you a brief summary of the design direction based on your answers and our discussions and you will give me the nod of approval to start the design process.

  4. Market Research and Brainstorming
    The fun begins with market research and brainstorming for your logo concepts and tagline (if applicable). You decide the level of involvement you want at this stage. We can bounce ideas around together, or you can simply leave it up to me.

  5. Concept Development
    Now the design process gets underway. Design concepts usually begin with sketches on paper in my studio, and from there I will take the best concepts and work them up digitally, incorporating typography, digital drawing and hand drawn elements as is suited to each client and concept. All of my logo designs are completely unique and one of kind will reflect the values and aspirations that you have indicated in your response to the questionnaire.

  6. Initial Designs are emailed to you
    When I am really happy with the professionally worked up designs, I will email them to you for your review, together with notes explaining the design elements and instructions for the review stage.

  7. Test and Review the designs
    You (with your focus group) review the designs and email me a list of suggestions for improvement (sometimes we hit the nail on the head first go!). If you have been presented with a choice of multiple designs, you now choose one design or elements from more than one to go ahead with.

  8. Refinement of the chosen design
    I make refinements and present edits to you in a small series of proofs until you are delighted with your new logo. Yay!!!

  9. You approve the final logo design/s and I send you all of the finished files - Yay!
    When you approve the final logo design/s and then go ahead and create the finished logo with any variations that apply to your package including stacked and horizontal formats, logo variations, monograms or icons. I create a Dropbox folder for you with all of the final logos in all the various formats you could need. You get vector files for print (.AI, .EPS, .PDF) and screen resolution raster files (.JPG, .PNG and/or .GIF) for use digitally, online and in social media etc. You will also be sent an instruction sheet explaining the file types and their uses. You now own the copyright to them and can use your final logo design/s online, in print, on packaging, advertising, promotional materials, clothing, signage and anywhere else you like! 

  10. Brand Style Guidelines and other collaterals created
    Finally I'll create your Brand Style Guidelines document and any other business collaterals (like business cards, letterhead, brochures, social media banners or website graphics) that you have selected in your package as well as send you any printing quotes that you require.The collaterals design stage is a lot quicker than the logo design process as we have already established your brand persona and visual identity, colour palette and typography (font styling), so it all flows smoothly and you will have your gorgeous printed pieces in your hands before you know it!


As a guide most logo design/branding projects take between two to four weeks from start to finish to include time for research, concept sketching, professionally created design options, refinement, comprehensive format creation and finally style guide development.

However, some mini logo designs may take less than one week, so it is completely project dependant.

Either way, you will be kept informed of the progress and given a timeframe for your individual project, so you know when you can launch your new branding! 

On-Going Support

After the logo design process is complete, I will have a strong understanding of your business goals and design needs and I will be available to advise and help you with any questions you may have and look forward to a productive designer/client relationship for your future projects and can provide ongoing management of all of your, branding, graphic design, printing and signage needs.
I keep your design files safely backed up should you ever need them resupplied and I can
 refer you to some brilliant industry professionals such as photographers, copywriters, editors, business development coaches and social media gurus.

We'd love you to connect with us on social media... Say hello on Facebook or check out our inspiration boards on Pinterest.

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