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outstanding branding

At MORRISON Design, we are passionate about creative branding and design and our belief is that your brand is your most valuable business asset. Experience also tells us that effective design is both collaborative and strategic.

We listen and we do our research to produce strong, fresh, inspiring and purposeful design that effectively connects with your target audience, strengthens your values and enables you to a greater purpose.

We have experience in identity design and rebranding, packaging, marketing, illustration, book design, signage and environmental applications.

Take a look through our portfolio of work, request a free quote or consultation or phone Jen Edward Morrison on 0438 602 004 to discuss your project.

Big Picture Thinking

At Morrison Design we believe that there is always the Big Picture to consider. We understand that the what, why and how we do things as individuals and organisations matters and that people are all connected and valuable.

We like to look at the Big Picture so that we can advise you on the best branding strategy in your target market.

We commit to helping you develop long-term brand strategy rather than just look at one marketing campaign at a time.

We want to help you refine the Big Picture for your business and create outstanding branding that enables you rise to a greater purpose in this world. Go for it!



Our Core Values

  • Morrison Design cares about the Big Picture in the world and seeks to work with businesses and groups that share values of quality, care for others about environmental sustainability.

  • We will continually put something back into non profit organisations that seek change the world for the better.

  • We promise to value your time and will honour you by responding quickly to your correspondence and requests so that you can meet your project timelines.

  • It is our intention to be fairly priced and transparent by keeping our valued clients up to speed on what they will be spending.

  • Excellence and attention to detail. We care about the little things as well as the Big Picture. We're invested in the finished product of the design including the content you supply because we're putting our name alongside yours, so we want to make sure its all good. That's why we'll let you know if we find a spelling mistake or if something could be written better.

  • We treat each of our clients as long-term partners. We commit to being available to our priority clients when you need us and we will happily refer your business to our clients where appropriate. Together we are stronger.



Design Services and Packages

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